Christopher Igleheart has a long association with the bicycle. After running his own shop for many years in Portland, ME, he became an early and vigorous champion of mountain bicycles. At Fat City Cycles in Somerville, MA Igleheart honed his craft. From there he was on his own, making cross bikes, commuter bikes, tandems and of course the mountain bike. Many forks, frames, friends, races, trail miles logged and a continental crossing later, he settled down in Portland, OR with his machine shop, knowledge and expertise.

Alongside the Igleheart brand, Christopher has joined forces with Joseph Ahearne to form the AI Collective. They recently launched their first collaboration project fittingly called Page Street Cycles—a nod to the location of the shop where he and Joseph pull their collective strengths together to create beautiful and functional artwork.

“Keep on Pedaling”


Mover and Maker

Bicycle Times: Movers and Makers Vol. 1
Christopher Igleheart

Christopher Igleheart is probably the nicest guy in the bicycle industry—but don’t hold that against him. He’s been making bikes longer than most folks have been riding them and he does it a deep sense of understanding and a gracious smile.

We got to know him when he relocated to Portland, Oregon and started building custom frames in a shared shop space with Joseph Ahearne. His bikes are simple, but they’re beautiful and they’re strong. He should know a thing or two about making tough bikes as he had a big hand in the building of the iconic and coveted Fat Chance mountain bikes in the 80’s.

Sharing a conversation with Chris about bikes is like taking a history lesson from the coolest professor on campus, who also happened to have a hand in the making of the very history they are teaching that semester. He’s wise, he’s insightful, and he’s probably one of the best people to share a post-ride beer with that we’ve ever met.

Igleheart is the inspiration for the entire Movers and Makers Series and we figured it was right to start off Volume 1 with him. Enjoy!

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Rider Stories

Christopher's customers tell the his story the best and here are a few of our favorites from over the years. Your adventures are why he builds these beautiful machines. The smile that his craft brings to your face fills his big (Igle)heart. Let's keep the stories coming.

7 Bikes for 7 Wonders

The beautifully-colored layers of rock of the Painted Hills are mirrored in this adventure-ready bike.

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Peter Rubijono (Hans Poot)

Christopher creates sturdy and reliable cyclcraft. This iteration takes the form of a custom steel cyclocross made of Columbus Life tubing.

Mike Gerlin

Touring along the Danube in the summer of 2016 with his wife Nicky Tobin—both on Iglehearts.

Natalia Hernandez Gardiol

Just taking in the scenery on board Igleheart's legendary team issue, lime green, cyclocross frame and fork.

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To see an extensive sampling of Christopher's projects please visit his Flickr page. It is the most updated documentation of many past build builds and those in progress. This repository is a place where he can easily share between a miter, braze or a tig weld so that everyone can enjoy his art and craftsmanship.

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Igleheart firmly believes steel is the superior frame material. He has an intimate working knowledge of the top manufacturers tubes and more exotic materials from industrial contract work.

The resurgence of steel as a lightweight bicycle material relies on the technology that can now provide the finest tubings. You may not see much steel at the local bike shop these days but that’s okay. It takes a skilled craftsman to make the most of this material’s benefits. A lifetime of knowledge and enthusiasm is at your disposal when selecting Christopher Igleheart as builder.


Road: $2200

  • STI stops
  • One set of rear eyelets
  • Clearance for 28c tires
  • + more

Cyclo-Cross: $2100

  • Top tube routed cables
  • No bottle bosses
  • See options below

City/Track: $1750

  • Very basic frame
  • Track ends and steel connected everything

Mountain: $2300

  • Available in 26″, 650B & 29″
  • Mix and match options
  • Disc tabs preferred and designed around any fork, suspension or my fork that dependably stays in one place

Basic Single Speed MTB: $2300

  • Pivot dropouts and adjustable disc mount

Penguin Pivot Drop MTB: $2300

  • Well dressed for any occasion
  • Pivoting dropouts allow for any style of drive-train, Rolhoff, single speed or standard with disc brakes
  • Available in 26″, 650B & 29″ mixed or matched


Traditional New England Segmented Fork

  • Road: $575
    Regular length 368 – 372 mm (axle to crown) fitted & drilled for recessed center brake bolt. Reynolds 853 road blades
  • Trail Poacher: $650
    Regular length 390 – 410 mm (axle to crown) disc tab Reynolds 853 raked disc blades and Bentley custom dropouts
  • Cyclo-Cross:
    Regular lengths 390 – 395 mm cantilever
  • Reynolds 853 Cyclo-Cross: $475
    Length 390 – 410 mm cantilever (raked)
  • Cyclo-Cross Details:
  • One piece cantilever posts are standard. Paul’s Racer & Racer M brake post positioning optional.
  • Disc tab is Paragon’s universal with my Alien Ears housing guide on the back of the leg for a clean look.

Mountain Fork

  • Available up to a length of 430 mm axle to crown either disc or cantilever.
  • For mountain forks longer than 430 mm I will offer the Paragon 15 mm through axel as this makes a stronger fork for longer lengths up to 470 mm.
  • Paragon Wright Bros dropout: $400
  • Traditional scalloped dropout: $475
    (This is the dropout for restoration forks.)

Custom Forks

  • All forks are available in custom lengths usually at no extra charge. All forks can be made for 26″, 650B or 700c wheel sizes.
  • If you would like both cantilever & disc mount: +$65
  • Low rider mounts: +$65
  • Road and cyclo-cross forks with eyelets: +$30
    (Not all dropouts start with eyelets.)
  • Standard color is gloss black. Custom color: $45 per color


  • An outstanding, clever system that allows for a generator hub and no disconnecting of wires for wheel removal. Perfect for the serious Brevet rider and very convenient for the world traveler.
  • Learn more >
  • SL Reynolds 853 Disc Fork: $750


Basic Bits

  • Additional water bottle bosses:
    $40 a pair

    Note: Frames come standard with 2 pairs
  • Eyelets: $40 and up
    Depends on dropout used and if dropouts are added or removed
  • Rack Mounts: $40 on seat stays.
  • Pump Pegs: $30
  • Chain Catch: $30
    A nice touch for travel bikes and overall no-greasiness. Very old school Pro on a contemporary speed machine. Highly recommended for all!

Shiny Bits: Stainless Steel

  • Seat collar with 6M bolt: $100
  • End Caps on stays: $50
  • Top Caps on fork blades: $50
  • Fork Tangs: $50
    Silver soldered into place, looks old school!

Stainless Dropout Choices

  • I have a few options for different applications which are priced depending on market and seasonal availability. Please refer to Paragon Machine Works for options and photos.

Custom Stems:$250 +

  • 1” or 1 1/8” threadless stem for road or mountain bars, any rise or reach (within reason). Polished four bolt faceplate with cut outs. When ordered with frame set can be painted to match with up-charge and painted black when ordered separately.

Frame Fitting

  • For local customers, I can fit you here at the world headquarters on the Bernie Mikkelsen Sizer which accommodates a top-tube range of 46cm to 68cm.


  • If you have a repair, send us the details, and we’ll evaluate the request based on scheduling.

Hub and Wheel prices available on request

Contact Igleheart

If you made it this far then you should reach out and get the process started.

Why settle for a mass-produced product when you could have a practical, functional, and uniquely crafted work of art?

Together we can build your ride destined for miles of happy pedaling.


108 N Page Street
Portland, Oregon 97227

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